What Is The Difference Between VPS and VDS

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Choosing the right hosting server and website provider makes a whole other level of difference in webpage availability and performance. 

However, buying and maintaining a physical server is not always affordable for many, especially when you are just starting with heavy infrastructure requirements.

 That is when having a server supported by virtualization technology comes in handy. In this article, let us discuss two types of servers powered by virtualisation technology, i.e., VPS hosting and VDS hosting, and their differences.

What Is a VPS Server Hosting?

A VPS server is a physical hosting server that is virtually divided using a hypervisor, mirroring the dedicated hosting environment. Though the environment is shared physically, the server environment is dedicated and has its own operating system.

What Is a VDS Server?

Before discussing the concept of VDS, let’s first understand what a dedicated server is. In a dedicated hosting environment, the whole physical server is dedicated to one client or user. 

On the other hand, a Virtual dedicated server acts like a dedicated server in a virtual environment. That means you get all the perks of a dedicated server while still sharing the hardware with other users or clients.

Difference Between VPS and VDS

Particulars Virtual Private Server Virtual Dedicated Server
Virtualization Method VPS relies on OS-level virtualization VDS relies on the paravirtualization method
Resource Sharing With VPS, you have to share the hosting server’s resources with other VPSs When it comes to VDS specific number of CPU cores, i.e., resources are permanently assigned to the user
OS Compatibility VPS is efficient and compatible with most tasks VDS requires OS changes and works best with Linux OS as open source
Cost VPS is cost-effective VDS can be more expensive but cost-effective compared to dedicated servers
Functionality VPS has most features of a dedicated hosting server but less than VDS VDS has higher-level functionality than VPS, which is closer to dedicated servers
Scalability and Convenience With VPS, there is some window for scalability and convenience With VDS, there is no window for scalability and predominant convenience
Management VPS is managed and controlled by OS VDS is managed and controlled by server hardware
Suitable Use Cases VPS is best when you have Less-loading tasks like office applications or small level e-commerce management. VDS has High-loading tasks such as streaming apps, managing game servers, managing large e-commerce projects, etc

Which Is Better, VPS vs VDS?

There is no clear winner when choosing between VPS and VDS, as it totally depends on server requirements. However, it is always recommended that users with less technical know-how prefer VPS over VDS as it can support frequent scalability changes. 

For people who have the technical know-how and who need precise resources for high-demand tasks, it is always best to go for VDS as VDS beats Linux VPS server hosting since your VDS won’t be affected by others sharing the same server.


Therefore, choose between VPS and VDS based on your technical skills, scalability requirements, and, most importantly, budget. 

VPS is great for small and medium-sized businesses with bearable traffic. Businesses with high traffic and substantial performance requirements should go for VDS. 

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Signs of a Good VPS Web Hosting Provider

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If you are looking for Australian domain hosts or  VPS Hosting in Australia, then it is necessary to invest your hard-earned money in reliable hosting providers. 

Making the right choice of hosting provider is essential for the success of your online hosted website or application. But when you find the hosting provider, numerous providers provide VPS Hosting in Australia. 

Now, how will you know who is a good hosting provider and who is not? To know this, in this article, we will discuss some of the essential signs that indicate who is a good VPS Hosting provider to find an appropriate provider to host your website.

What are the Signs of a Good VPS Hosting Provider?

  • Reliable Hosting Infrastructure

A good VPS Hosting provider will always ensure that they provide you with a reliable hosting infrastructure according to your hosting needs and fulfil your requirements efficiently and effectively.

  • High and Consistent Server Uptime

Uptime is when a website is accessible to users whenever they try to access it. 

A reliable web hosting provider guarantees a higher website uptime of at least 99.99%. Not only this, they will also ensure that they consistently maintain the high server.

  • Speed and Performance

A reliable VPS Web Hosting provider implements the CDN (Content Delivery Networks) to reduce the latency and provides their clients high website speed and enhanced performance. 

This will help you enhance your website’s user experience and SERP results ranking, as it is one of the factors that search engines like Google will consider during SEO rankings.

  • Competitive Pricing 

Apart from the required features and customer value services, it is also essential to provide the hosting services at reliable prices. 

A good VPS Hosting provider always tries to manage their cost management and focus on providing qualitative service at an affordable price. 

Offering the hosting at competitive prices while maintaining a good profit margin indicates that the hosting company has good management skills and long-term objectives.

  • Enhanced Security Measures and Tools 

Good hosting provides an understanding of security’s importance, as neglecting it will be a disaster for both the company and their clients. 

Thus, a reliable hosting provider will always stay updated with the latest security measures, tools and approaches. Some are the Firewall, DDoS protection, SSL certificates and more.

  • 24/7 Customer and Technical Assistance

Proper and timely assistance is no less than a boon when it comes to hosting websites or applications. 

However, a reliable VPS provider will always ensure they have a highly qualified and dedicated team of experts within an organisation to assist their clients whenever needed. 

It will help you resolve the issue promptly without wasting time, money and effort.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best and a reliable hosting provider is essential to hosting your website, as hosting is the foundation of your website through which it will find its existence in this vast online world. 

Thus, understanding the signs mentioned above and indications will help you choose the right VPS Hosting provider and leverage its benefits to take steps toward the success of your online journey. 

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