March 21, 2023

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How to protect yourself from travel insurance exclusions for high-risk destinations

7 Things That Can Void Your Travel Insurance | Rowat Insurance

Even when searching for the finest travel insurance plan, we always skip the terms and conditions part in favour of the premium and coverage sections. Although all the reputable brands in the insurance industry for domestic and international travel insurance in India and overseas do offer cash when the policyholder needs it, their operating principles have specific terms and restrictions that the insured is required to abide by. 

The way insurance plans operate is that even if they cover the majority of terrible events, if they began to cover all of them, they would be at a full loss. The consumers will start profiting unfairly. As a result, insurance companies improve their business models to increase the number of customers they serve and maintain their competitive position, such as offering senior citizen travel insurance. Various local and international travel insurance policies in India refrain from incorporating the following exclusions in their coverage: 

Certain medical conditions: The majority of policies do not provide coverage for certain medical conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, AIDS, and many more. However, suppose you look around a bit more. In that case, you’ll be able to locate the ideal travel insurance plan for you, one that allows you to pay a little bit extra to have the specific ailment covered like a senior citizen travel insurance. However, not all medical conditions allow for this. Before signing the insurance, you would also need to tell the insurer about your health status.

Baggage delays amounting to less than 24 hours: If you were to look into domestic or international travel insurance in India, you would undoubtedly find that most of the packages on the market provide coverage for lost luggage as a regular feature. However, even this specific service has its own terms and conditions. Even the greatest travel insurance solutions won’t often reimburse you for any money till your luggage has been gone for more than 24 hours, depending on the policy you purchased. 

Military or terrorist activity-related hostility: Although no specific justification is given, travel insurance policies all around the world forego covering any damage brought on by hostile military or terrorist activity. The primary of this is that the governments occasionally issue advisories against visiting places with fragile political systems. Your worldwide or even local travel insurance in India would not cover any losses that you sustain as a result of riots, civil unrest, sudden conflict, terrorist activities etc.

Loss caused by the policyholder: Both domestic and international travel insurance policies in India specifically state that you cannot make a claim for compensation if you caused the loss. For instance, you wouldn’t be able to cite it as a good excuse to submit an insurance claim if you get into a fight or make a careless choice while travelling and cause damage as a result.

Making a claim for an unapproved health condition: Potential policyholders are expressly instructed to describe their medical issues prior to obtaining the policy. It will not be possible to later file a claim if your online travel insurance does not cover that specific medical condition. You cannot make a claim for financial assistance for medical care even if you have chosen the best travel insurance policy for you if you do not abide by the pre-disclosure requirement.

Adventure activities not covered by your policy: There are a few options available if you’re seeking domestic travel insurance in India for trips to Rishikesh or Leh Ladakh or an international policy for adventure sports in New Zealand. It is crucial to confirm if these activities are covered by your insurance coverage. While there are many options available, the best travel insurance from India for you in this situation would mostly focus on adventure travel.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.